Testimi i gjuhës angleze

Test of English for International Communication

Test i gjuhës anglezë për komunikim ndërkombëtar.

Ky test është projektuar për të vlerësuar aftësitë gjuhësore të kandidatëve të cilët kanë nevojë për të studiuar ose punuar aty ku anglishtja përdoret si gjuhë e komunikimit.

Ju lutemi regjistrohuni dhe filloni testin. Testi ka 50 pyetje.

  • Të lexuarit: 495 pikë
  • Të dëgjuarit: 495 pikë.

Totali: 990+ pikë sipas sistemit TOEIC.



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Welcome to your Test i gjuhes angleze

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1. Where do you live?
2. How long have you been living in California?
3. Choose the correct preposition.

Peter and Jessica are ...... USA.
4. Yesterday, ......
5. ...... a cup of tea?
6. Which one is different?
7. Choose the correct preposition.

The sofa is ...... the fireplace.
8. Choose the correct option.
9. Correct the word order.

about what is the movie?
10. Choose the correct word.

I´ve .... him since I was a little girl.
11. If ......you were coming, I would have baked a cake!   
12. Choose the correct option.

All my life...
13. Form the correct compound noun.

14. Is the sentence correct?

He must finish the job yesterday.
15. Choose the correct pronoun.

The guy ...... we met at the concert is a friend of my brother.
16. Synonyms - Choose the correct word.

17. They only have one car for the family.
18. Choose the best option to complete the sentence.

My aunt is going to stay with me.
19. Select the underlined word or phrase that is incorrect.

Mr. John is telephoning a American Red Cross for help.
20. Select the best answer.

Directions to Erik's house.

Leave Interstate 25 at exit 7S. Follow that road (Elm Street) for two miles. After one mile, you will pass a small shopping center on your left. At the next set of traffic lights, turn right onto Maple Drive. Erik's house is the third house on your left. It's number 33, and it's white with green trim.

What is Erik's address?
21. Choose the correct answer.

My line manager wants the meeting ____ immediately.
22. ________ the end of year results were published, the managers got their bonuses.
23. I’d like to show my _______ to all the staff who volunteered to help out at the charity evening.
24. Everyone in the department is expected to ______ the meeting.
25. There are four underlined sections in the text. Select the one which is wrong.

In 2004, a team led by the government environment ministry say that chemicals from the factory had contaminated sediment in the bay and entered the food chain.
26. Choose the correct answer.

The software developers __________ investigated the latest problem.
27. The new law will encourage growth in the export market _________.
28. Read the passage below and choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text.

Dear Helen,
I would like to congratulate you on organizing such an excellent and informative workshop. I know a lot of people learnt a great deal from it.  Can you pass on my thanks to Doctor Friedman for his fascinating talk on Staff Motivation?  I realize how lucky we were that he was able to find the time for us.  The feedback from the staff was very positive.  Let’s hope we actually see an improvement in staff motivation as a result!
By the way, I’m missing my list of addresses of the delegates who attended.  Did I happen to leave it in your office?  It’s just that I haven’t seen it since our meeting on Friday.
Thanks again for a great day.

What is the main objective of the message?
29. Here’s a mouth-watering cookie recipe for you to try at home. You will need two cups each of margarine, white sugar and brown sugar; four eggs, four cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt and a cup of milk chocolate chips. First of all, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a large bowl and cream together the margarine and sugar until they are smooth.  Then add the eggs, one by one.  Sift the flour and baking powder into the mixture and add the salt. Finally add the chocolate chips.  Drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto ungreased cookie sheets and bake for eight to ten minutes until the edges are golden brown.  Cool for one hour before eating.

What must the cook do first?
30. In this part of the test, you will write ONE sentence that is based on a picture. With each picture, you will be given TWO words or phrases that you must use in your sentence. You can change the forms of the words and you can use the words in any order.

guard / apart

fall / block


ATM / money

33. Which comparative adjective is NOT spelled correctly?
34. What is the comparative form of great?
Which word CANNOT go in the space?
We went shopping and ____ we went to a café and had a cup of coffee.


36. Which sentence is correct?
37. Complete the sentences with the activity which matches the photo.

1. We went  and saw loads of beautiful, tiny fish.  ⇓

2. We hired a  and went out for the day.   ⇓
38. There is a photo and four sentences. Which sentence does NOT match the picture?
39. Which sentence does NOT match the picture?
40. Which sentence does NOT match the picture?
41. Choose the word which matches the definition.

1. A large area of high, hilly land.
42. Choose the word which matches the definition.

2. The space between two hills.
43. Choose the best answer.

Financial assistance in time of need.
44. Which word completes the sentence?

Anna plays tennis every ___.
45. Which word goes in the space?

I’ve decided to ____ up swimming.
46. Complete the conversations. Choose the correct answer.

Would you like some more dessert?
Listen to the lecture about population growth. Then answer the questions.
Read all the questions before you start listening. You should listen to the audio twice.

Which of the following is defined as the number of children born per 1000 people per year?


Listen to the lecture about facial recognition. Then answer the questions.

What is the problem with the 3D technology?

Listen to a student at the accommodation office. Then answer the questions.

Whose mistake was it that led to the problem? 

Listen to Amir asking for advice at the library. Then answer the questions.

What can Amir do on level two?